Sunday, April 18, 2010

Social Gaming

It is my understanding that Zynga is one of the most popular social gaming providers. They have over 70 million daily active users. They provide facebook with the applications like Farmville, Mafia Wars, poker and others. They have a team of investors who invest millions of dollars, the biggest one yet being $29 million.

Social gaming is about connecting with others through games. Its about competing with your friends, even if they are not physically with you and it is casual. It is not "hardcore" gaming, but I have seen many people become addictive to these games, especially farmville for some reason.

It was announced that the iPhones are now going to have social gaming platforms. To me this means that social gaming is a force to be reckoned with if Apple is investing in it.

People are even spending money on social gaming, gift certificates for farmville can be bought at 7-Elevens, and these social gaming sites are making hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. An interesting note is that some of the most popular social gaming games, are those that you have to pay in order to really advance, and the crazy thing is, is that people ARE!

I used to play farmville, but than got absolutely bored of it, and I can't even fathom why someone would actually spend money in. Maybe its the little kids who they are targeting for those gift cards?

A study was done by and they determined that average social gamer is a 43 year old woman. Facebook seems to be the platform of choice for social gamers, and it is expected that the social gaming industry will make $1 BILLION in revenues this year, with over 100 million people social games.

After learning about the social gaming industry I was actually shocked that the majority players were middle aged women. Maybe thats why some social games are able to charge customers, because this age group usually has a larger amount of disposable income?


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  2. wow, i cannot believe the demographics of social games. It is unbelievable because that is the minority demographic of all other gaming platforms....besides bingo.